Pegasystems software helps enterprises make better decisions and get work done. With scalable architecture and a low-code platform, even global clients like Sprint or Cisco can stay streamlined, agile, and ready for what's next.

As a contract Brand Designer at Pega, I co-led creative development of Pegaโ€™s horizontal rebranding campaign โ€” expanding the visual language of the Intelligent Automation branch. Alongside this work, I also produced branding for various Employee Resource Groups and marketing events at Pega.

My teamโ€™s work on this rebrand recieved a platinum MUSE award.
Client โ€” Pegasystems

Intelligent Automation

Pegaโ€™s re-brand focused on a universal representation of their complex enterprise software, so we wanted to translate abstract technological concepts into an attractive and meaningful visual language. For Intelligent Automation, I developed twelve new concepts as language elements to be scaled for compositions โ€” below are two examples, the left representing scale and the right representing recursion.