If the last year has reminded us of anything, its that manufacturing and operations are the bedrock of society. Everything we drive, touch, eat, and have prescribed to us is part of a global production of items essential to our lives.

Since their founding in 2014, Tulip has transformed the operations of these vital systems. Tulip is a startup that helps companies gain real-time visibility into the people, machines, and processes involved in productions β€” with a mission to strengthen the link between human and technological labor forces.

I work as a Graphic Designer on the Brand & Creative team under Marketing at Tulip; previously a team of two full-time designers, now of one. Our team worked with Upstatement, a creative agency in Boston, to design Tulip’s new website. We produced a new look for Tulip as bold and unique as its mission, collaborating with two illustrators in the process, to bring Tulip’s brand to life.

Below are examples of the new website, as well as my work on website graphics, updated brand guidelines, motion graphics for our launch campaign, updated sub-branding, a new smart social template system using Figma variants, and a redone master deck template.
Client β€” Tulip Interfaces