Stack Overflow
Events and Campaigns

2022 — 2023
Here are some examples of my creative direction, branding, and illustration for various events and marketing campaigns across Stack. The visual above is from a magazine ad we developed showing off The KeyTM, a massively popular marketing product on its fourth production run.

I directed the brand and creative support for the 2023 Stack Overflow Meetup in Chicago, Illinois. Beans abound!

Our team worked with an external agency to bring Stack’s inaugural customer-focused conference, Flowstate, to life in New York City. Our team provided creative direction and assets for screenprinting, the external agency provided creative input and on-site support/fulfillment.

Marketing and Social
2022 — 2023
Here are various examples of illustration and brand support for marketing campaigns including Stack’s annual Developer Survey, graphic support for Stack Overflow Blog posts, and regular graphic support for our blog’s data-driven Pulse Survey series.