Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow recently unveiled a massive new initiative. OverflowAI is a suite of features, for both and Stack Overflow for Teams, which leverage AI capabilities for faster development and learning — all while not replacing the human contributor in knowledge sharing.

Initial Pitch Our team began this project by developing a deck to gather our thoughts and initial ideas. Above is the cover from an in-depth analysis of the space we’re going into, brand context, and brand archetypes, as well as early directions which served as food for thought.

Was this going to be a new brand direction for Stack Overflow? Or a strong set of features that fold into the existing brand? Something in-between? This new initiative would be a sea change for Stack, shifting our company priorities and development towards AI features, so we took the opportunity to gather input from several teams involved.

Final Direction After months of collaboration, and getting closer to launch, we agreed on two directions — LABS, a marketing site and living collection of all new, experimental features from Stack Overflow, and OverflowAI, a collection of hero AI-driven features to be packaged and offered to Stack Overflow users.

This solution gave our teams the best of both worlds, a living page of updates and progress on new features, plus a GTM-ready brand for Stack Overflow’s AI direction.

Launch Animations Finally, for unveiling Stack’s new initiative and demonstrating upcoming features, we worked with product teams at Stack to produce accurate, realistic animations showing off what’s coming next, which were presented by Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar at WeAreDevelopers 2023.

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