Tulip Brand Refresh

Tulip‘s brand refresh was an extensive overhaul of how Tulip positioned itself as a company in the manufacturing software vertical. Working with an external agency and several freelancers, my team brought a new version of Tulip to life, with a refreshed web and mobile experience, a new brand guidelines document, new illustration library, icon library, a revamped presentation template, and more.

New Web + Mobile Experience We worked with Upstatement, a creative agency in Boston, to design Tulip’s new website. We produced a new look for Tulip as bold and unique as its mission, collaborating with two illustrators in the process, to entirely re-think Tulip’s user journey.

Brand Guidelines DocumentI restructured Tulip’s brand guidelines and brand asset system to coincide with our new site. This brand refresh was integral to re-defining Tulip’s identity and helped propel visual standards forward exponentially in the product and in marketing campaigns.

Alongside new brand guidelines, I restructured and organized Tulip’s Digital Asset Management system to integrate with our new CMS. This meant creating and documenting new brand elements, illustrations, and icons, and launching a new collaboration with Tulip’s product team on visual coherence in the product interface.

Master Deck Template RefreshI refreshed Tulip’s presentation system with detailed guidelines on deck design and brand coherence.

I also developed an updated gallery of commonly used brand story slides and team-specific presentation tools, as well as extensive documentation on all aspects of presentation development and review.