Product + UI Collaboration
I was able to collaborate closely on new UI developments and brand cohesion in the Tulip dashboard and app experience. I presented some information heirarchy updates, spacing and structure changes, new app UI concepts, and worked with a product designer on a new user onboarding experience from ideation to ship.

Design System Updates As Tulip’s product design team grew, and Tulip’s design system slowly matured, I was able to collaborate on some key issues in the dashboard settings pages. This was a perfect place to propose unifying things like menu styles, color choices, headline style, and more — all with brand unity in mind.

Onboarding Flow I worked one-on-one with a product designer at Tulip from ideation to ship on our in-product onboarding process. I gave user flow critique along with ideas to update this flow to our new brand.

Tulip App Design System Proposal What began as product abstraction for marketing materials became a collaboration with product designers to discuss how we can simplify and systematize the Tulip App software.

Tulip Apps are built by users, or can be built by Tulip for enterprise customers, but lack consistency in structure and design elements. Taking abstracted app designs and tweaking them for product design syncs helped give visual inspiration for the future of Tulip’s self-serve app designing.